Lisette Doucet

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Campbellton, NB, NB

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Lisette is a passionate expert in the fields of both personal development and content marketing who has been dedicated for nearly 8 years to helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. With a professional journey marked by training and certifications, she is a Certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a specialist in non-verbal communication, and a content marketing consultant passionate about empowering businesses to standout online.

Believing that the balance between professional life and personal well-being is the key to entrepreneurial success, Lisette is committed to guiding her clients towards total harmony in all aspects of their lives. Her expertise in NLP allows her to explore thought patterns and behaviours to help her clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals with confidence and clarity. Additionally, her mastery of non-verbal communication enriches her approach by enabling her to fully understand the needs and emotions of her clients.

With her many years of experience in coaching and the transformative results of her clients, she emphasizes the importance of prioritizing one's own needs first and cultivating a balanced lifestyle, where personal well-being is at the heart of every decision. Lisette firmly believes that when entrepreneurs take care of themselves, they are better equipped to manage the challenges they face in their business and achieve their professional goals.

Over the past several years, Lisette has also developed a passion and expertise in the field of content marketing. Having a solid experience in the world of entrepreneurship, Lisette understands the challenges entrepreneurs face when looking to promote their products and services online. She knows how crucial it is to develop an authentic and impactful online presence to stand out in this competitive market.

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