Erica Waddell

Post Road Marketing
Rothesay, NB

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Are you an entrepreneur seeking expert guidance to grow your business and achieve your vision of success and freedom? Look no further. Erica Waddell, the founder of Post Road Marketing and a certified StoryBrand Guide and Direct Response Copywriter, is here to provide the strategic support and tools you need.

Erica's strength lies in brand messaging and copywriting, where she uses the power of words to transform businesses from merely surviving to truly thriving. She also assists in creating a seamless online marketing system, aligning all elements - from website copy and sales funnels to social media strategies and email marketing campaigns - to ensure your customers have an effortless buying experience.

With over $100K invested in her professional development, including six rigorous programs from Harvard Business School One, Erica is at the cutting edge of marketing trends. She's committed to leveraging this expertise to help you succeed.

If you're ready to take your business to new heights, Erica Waddell is the strategic partner you need. With her unique approach to online marketing, she's poised to drive your business growth and help you turn your vision into reality. Discover more about how Erica can revolutionize your business journey on her website.

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