Janice Goguen

Oliva Strategies Inc.
Moncton, NB

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Janice Goguen, Market Expansion Strategist

Janice Goguen, President and Co-founder of OLIVA Strategies brings an impressive global background in business development to her consulting roles. She has more than 25 years of experience in federal economic development as an officer, manager and executive. Since launching her consultant practice in 2013, Janice has provided advice and coaching to dozens of organizations and companies seeking to acquire the skills and know-how to grow through export development. She has developed and delivered numerous training workshops and webinars on export-related topics and has coached several SMEs in the execution of their export plans. Janice is known for her solid, evidence-based approach to export planning, grounded in research gathered through documentation, online surveys and stakeholder interviews.

Workshop Descriptions

Fundamentals of Importing

Introduction to Exporting: Is Your Company Ready?

Market Analysis: Choosing the Right Market

Module 2: Setting up for Success

Pricing (Part 1): Knowing Your Cost per Unit

Pricing (Part 2): Finding Your Price Point

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